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Business Development

Public Relations forms a key part of our business at PK Agency. We devise and implement creative PR campaigns which support your business development objectives. This technique is proven to be highly effective in raising awareness of your business and attracting key clients and investment.

We conceptualise the most beneficial package and ensure that your business appears on the radars of key players..


It is not what you know but who you know, so goes the old saying. Here at PK Agency we certainly agree and we are invited to many key events invaluable to business. We can help to ensure that your company receives instrumental networking opportunities which are an essential foundation stone in building a powerful business. Meeting, talking and exchanging ideas are all influential tools in the process of strengthening the awareness and reach of your business.

Public Relations

We have effective strategies in place at PK Agency to make your business engage with your target audience and communicate its message in a clear and dynamic manner. We want to make sure that everybody knows about you and we will employ a variety of means to ensure that public perception of your company is favourable and that you are known about by the key demographics you need to reach. We will create a positive brand image for you and communicate it in a clear and exciting way utilising events, social media, marketing, press coverage and more to maintain your presence and visibility. We will make you stand out and put you in the spotlight, creating solutions for your business ranging from small bespoke campaigns to bigger cross-platform communications packages.


We offer formidable targeted business development solutions which are proven to be highly effective. Our core services include brand awareness, marketing, public relations, advertising and networking. We can build a brand image which makes your business stand out from the crowd and outshine the competition by conveying your strengths to your desired audience.

Social Media

We understand how vital social media is in the creation of your brand image. We can offer a variety of detailed packages encompassing Twitter, Instagram Facebook and more to reach potential client bases. Social Media platforms are a crucial way to remain current and to communicate with your audience by offering an overview of what you do and staying at the forefront of people’s minds by regular posts across social media platforms. We can analyse trends, utilise key words and hashtags and engage with your audience for you via regular posts.


Show-stopping parties and events are a fundamental part of what we do at PK Agency and we have renowned partners who can bring to life our vision of an unforgettable event which will make your business the one everybody is talking about. Our teams research, develop and create the best possible parties and events from the initial brainstorming stage right through to final realisation. You can rest assured your event will be unforgettable with the talented PK Agency team at the helm and we have a full portfolio of successful events which we have created for satisfied clients. Be it an intimate cocktail gathering, networking event or a glamorous party, we will work with you to build an event which is just right for you.

Design and Print

Part of the bespoke business development solution we offer here at PK Agency is a fully conceptual design and print service. We work alongside out clients in order to fully harness their creative vision, envisioning tailored promotional materials which communicate their company message in a clear, concise and original manner.

It is our business to listen and to understand exactly what our clients want, from helping to design a simple company mission statement, to providing a full service package of original printed materials, we do it all so that they do not have to.

We understand how busy and demanding running a business can be, and our comprehensive design and print services allow our clients to hand over a stressful part of that process to us. We can create and implement a unique and memorable brand message which will seek to publicise a business in a clear and concise manner.

Our talented team of designers and copywriters here at PK Agency will develop a design and print service which addresses a client’s exact needs. From business cards and posters to mail outs, glossy magazines and brochures, our comprehensive services have one aim in mind, to deliver a strong brand presence through the optimal design of stylish promotional materials which will seek to enhance and strengthen a business profile in a subtle and effective way.

Speak to our team today about our full service design and print service tailored to suit your business needs and optimise your brand message in the most effective way possible. Good business begins and ends with effective communication and we are experienced in creating a communications strategy which works for you, including the design and print of stylish promotional materials.